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What to see in Menton

Menton is a wealth of natural and historical beauty. The long stretches of beaches on which to laze, the mountain tops on which to gaze as well as the old town, museums, shops and markets that go to make up this favoured spot on the French Riviera.

Museums in Menton

There are four major museums and galleries to pique your interest while you are on holiday in Menton. The 'Beaux-Arts' museum in the beautiful Palais Carnoles, once a summer palace of the Grimaldi family, where you can see classic paintings by famous artists and collections of contemporary works. The Regional Pre-Historic museum, The Jean Cocteau museum and The Contemporary Art gallery in the Palais de l'Europe.

The Jean Cocteau Museum

Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau was born to a wealthy family in a small town near to Paris. He was a famous poet, writer, artist and film maker who lived between the years of 1889-1963.

He mixed with a famous set of like minded artists who were mobile throughout Europe during this era and stamped a mark onto many of the towns that they lived in, settled in or were inspired by. Picasso, Sergey Daighilev of the Ballets Russes, composer Igor Stravinsky and singer Edith Piaf to mention just a few.

Cocteau was proactive at exposing his own work and established his own publishing house to propel his own writings into the public domain. He also published works by his friends including the music of some of his famous composer friends. It was in the same vein that he established his own museum in the Bastion in Menton which he used to display and exhibit his own creative works.
A defining skyline in Menton's old townFortified by art, Menton
Old TownFort
Something to remember me by in MentonCrashing waves in Menton
The Bastion is an old fort that stands at the entry to the port in Menton. It was built in the 17th Century but it was in the 1950's that Cocteau converted it for his own use when he became involved in the renovation and decoration of this space.

You will find tapestries, drawing, ceramics and mosaics all produced by this prodigious artist who loved Menton and left his indelible mark for all to enjoy.
The museum is open week days. Entrance fee is €3.00.

gardens in Menton

The combination of its uniquely mild climate and its many foreign visitors prompted Menton to become a nursery for many famous botanists, gardeners and adventurers. The conditions were ideal to support and nurture new and foreign types of plants that had been discovered in far off destinations and were being introduced into Europe.

As with the palaces of the day the gardens also became a means by which to display your great wealth and importance leaving us to enjoy the benefits today.

Famous Gardens of Menton

Menton is famous for its gardens. The mild climate, the fertile soil and the influence of so many visitors who have been inspired by both to focus on the botanical opportunity presented by such conditions. You need not be a horticulturist to appreciate the beauty and tranquillity of some of Menton's best gardens.

The Fontana Rosa garden forms part of the estate that once belonged to the Spanish writer Blasco Ibanez. In the style of a Spanish garden in Valencia the grounds are decorated with stunning ceramics of vivid colours and was dedicated to the memory of famous writers such as Shakespeare, Cervantes and Dickens.

It was hoped that the garden would inspire visiting writers and the 'Rotonde de Cervantes' is a beautiful contemplative space that cannot fail to do so. Ibanez died in Menton in 1928. His garden is open to visitors on Fridays as part of a guided tour and costs €5.00.

Also find time to visit the Serre de la Madone Garden Museum created in 1924 by Lawrence Johnston, a wealthy American born in Paris who served in the British army and was an enthusiastic plant collector.
Yellow spring flowers hearld the summer's arrivalDelicate blooms at every turn
Angelonica, delicate but hardy to the heatResilient Gazanis imitate their adoring sunshine
Angels breathYellow bloom

Other intriguing and beautiful gardens include Les Colombiéres which formerly belonged to the painter and novelist Ferdinand Bac.

Les Clos du Peyronnet, a privately owned garden that has remained in the same family since 1915 and is currently under the care of William Waterfield, son of the original creator.

Maria Serena Garden, created by Charles Garnier, architect of the Paris and Monte Carlo Opera houses for Ferdinand de Lesseps, founder of the Suez canal and Val Rahmeh, created by Lord Radcliffe in 1905 and now a Mediterranean branch of the National History Museum.

Renting holiday apartments and villas in Menton

If the natural beauty of Menton inspires you to holiday there then please use our search facility to see what apartments and villas we have available for your holiday accommodation. You can also click on 'Browse Rental' in the main menu to see all the options available to make your holiday in Menton the best yet. Thank you for using Riviera Rental Guide.


Some top holiday rentals in Menton

Menton Old Town Studio

French Riviera » Menton 32 sq.m. Apartment 0744
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$163.69
»Per person (x4):$40.92
Located in the old town, this studio apartment is modern, while tastefully preserving traditional features. A peaceful haven close to the beach, Promenade and Basilica, and a short walk to the train station and Menton town centre.

Roquebrune Sea View Apartment

French Riviera » ... » Roquebrune Cap Martin 57 sq.m. Apartment 0749
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$208.34
»Per person (x4):$52.09
Sea View, Tranquil
Spacious apartment ideal for a small family, with a terrace and views over the rooftops to the turquoise sea beyond. A short walk from scenic beaches and promenade with cafes and restaurants, as well as the train station and supermarket.

Menton Old Town Apartment

French Riviera » Menton 37 sq.m. Apartment 0742
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$178.58
»Per person (x4):$44.65
Tranquil, Sea View
Quaint apartment in a traditional house set amongst the enchanting cobbled streets of old town Menton, and around the corner from the impressive St Michel Basilica and Sablettes Beach. Its balcony has views over the rooftops and of the sea beyond.


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