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 L'Abbaye in Mont Boron, Nice, French Riviera
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Mont Boron

When to visit Mont Boron

Med views from Mont BoronNice Port from Mont BoronThe other side of Mont Boron

The hills over Nice from Mont Boron
In the Beginning
The French Riviera, and Nice, was initially made famous as a Winter holiday resort as Northern Europeans ran from their own cold damp climates. Distance and the difficulty of the journey meant that only the very wealthy could make the trip which ensured the French Rivieras early prestigious beginings.

Nice beach
All Year Round
After the Great War in the early 1900's, the depression years in the 30's and finally WWII, things began to change. Americans arrived, unafraid of the hot sun, the beaches and deep golden tans, they revelled in all the French Riviera had to offer.

Coco Chanel shocked the fashion world by stepping out with a deep golden tan but it marked the turning of the tide. Nowadays the 'high season' in Nice is between June and September and the beaches are flooded with holidaymakers. It's important not to forget however, that the things that drew people here in the Winter months have not changed and, with the addition of Winter sports, have even grown.

Current Weather Forecast For Mont Boron

Mont Boron Weather

Sunrise 6:44 am
Sunset 8:21 pm
Currently Fair
Temperature 23oC
Recorded At 05:58


Low 21oC
High 28oC
Forecast Sunny

Sunday, 25th August

Low 19oC
High 26oC
Forecast PM Thunderstorms

Temperature and rainfall Averages for Mont Boron

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hi Temp (oC)   13     13     14     16     19     23     26     27     24     20     16     13      
Sea Temp (oC)   14     13     13     14     17     20     24     25     23     20     17     15      
Rainfall (mm)   76     74     74     64     48     38     18     31     66     112     117     89      

City defences, Mont Boron
Mont Boron in Spring
Springtime on the Riviera is an amazing time. The sun is gathering momentum for a long hot summer but has not yet reached boiling point, so it is the perfect temperature for sightseeing and walking. It's also the time when everything hits its growth spurt and the entire coastline is blooming.

Mont Boron, with it's acres of national parkland is a great location to experience the fragrant spring months. It is also still a quiet time of year so you can move around more easily and the coast flows a little smoother. There is less competition for holiday rentals or apartments to rent and there is more chance that you will have your choice of accommodation. The throngs of summer visitors have not yet arrived, so it is a good time of year to visit if you are not fond of crowds.

Welcoming Cypress Trees
Mont Boron in Summer
Summer on the French Riviera is busy. It's vibrant, bustling and a lot of fun. There are fetes, street performers, day and nightime markets and the restaurants and bars are in full swing. It's holiday time and the atmosphere is infectious.

Mont Boron by contrast to Nice is a quiet and exclusive suburb with many residential homes. It is in a lofty and airy location, well placed for a little bit of escape from the busy town but close enough to dip into if the mood takes you. The sea views, the quiet roads, the national, protected parkland are all an oasis of calm.

November on the Med
Mont Boron in Winter
Famous for its winter sun this is the time to come if you need to escape the grey skies of Northern Europe. The sky retains that deep, deep, clear blue all year round which, in the long winter months, is simply uplifting. The sun holds it's daytime warmth while the nights are crisp and clear.

There is also has the option of available skiing nearby to Mont Boron. With three three ski stations and local bus services to them all, within a 2 hour drive of Nice Airport, a daily skiing expedition is easily arranged. It means that you can have the best of both worlds, skiing by day and Nice city nightlife for your apres ski entertainment.

Renting holiday Accommodation in Mont Boron

Whatever time of year you have decided to visit Mont Boron in then let us help you find the perfect holiday accommodation for your vacation. Click on 'Browse Rentals' to find all the details of our rental properties for holiday lets that are available and ready for direct booking. No waiting, no enquiries necessary just book it, as easy as booking your flight.


Some top holiday rentals in Mont Boron


French Riviera » Nice » Mont Boron 95 sq.m. Apartment 0983
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$160.52
»Per person (x6):$26.75
Tranquil, Sea View
Lovely and sunny 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace and stunning views of Nice and the Mediterranean. The residence features a large pool and is conveniently located on the east hills of Nice, a quiet area, only a few minutes away from the beach.

Luxury Mont Boron Villa

French Riviera » Nice » Mont Boron 350 sq.m. Villa 0388
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,076.95
»Per person (x12):$89.75
Contemporary, Tranquil
This is a contemporary villa in a very exclusive area of Nice just a 20-minute walk from the port. Located in the picturesque hills of Mont Boron, this 5-bedroom villa can sleep 12 guests and has 3 terraces, sea views and a luxury indoor swimming pool.

Mont Boron 5-Bed Sea View Villa

French Riviera » Nice » Mont Boron 330 sq.m. Villa 1155
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,756.45
»Per person (x10):$175.65
Tranquil, Contemporary
This stunning villa is perched on the prestigious Mont Boron with outstanding views of the entire bay of Nice, the city and the Mediterranean Sea. There is a swimming pool, roof top terrace and 5 bedrooms with plenty of living space for 10 guests.


Find your holiday rental in Mont Boron

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