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What to see in Nice

There are a great many things to do and see in Nice. Part of its uniqueness and its charm is that it has something of interest to offer almost everyone of every age. You may be interested in Nice's history and culture, want to explore the galleries and museums, or you may be looking for a beach holiday and want to spend the days whiling away your time with your family.

Perhaps you particularly love the flora and fauna of this region in which case the formal houses and gardens will appeal to you. Alternatively what draws you to Nice city maybe the shopping, bars and lively night-life. Whatever it is the small, busy, intricate city has it in abundance. In this section we make suggestions under the headings of Historical Nice, Parks and Gardens in Nice and Nice's infamous markets in an attempt to help you discover the city of Nice.

Big blue sky, deep blue sea in NiceFriendly locals aboundLazy days of summer, Nice

Historical Nice

Nice has 32 classified historical monuments within its city limits and numerous galleries, churches and palaces. One of the best ways to get an historical sense of Nice town; its age, its influence and its historical importance, is to take one of the many guided tours that are available. You will find contact details for tour operators in our Riviera Rental Guide directory. However, Nice is a city whose history you cannot fail to discover for yourself. A simple walk through its intricate web of old streets will lead you to many of its most renowned landmarks. Nice is a city who's history is a living breathing part of everyday life and simply walking around leads you on a journey through the different eras and influences that Nice city has come under or itself inspired.

A Trip through Baroque Nice

This guided tour of 'Baroque Nice' will take you to the most beautiful and ornate churches and cathedrals in Nice. Buildings that harbour hidden treasures, original works of art, sculpture and architecture, that you might otherwise stroll past without even knowing they are there.

The term Baroque is used to describe both a style and a period of time. It originated in Rome in the 1600's during a time when Christian Europe was divided and it was the antithesis to the more austere and abstinent Renaissance.

The Baroque era was a more flamboyant time. Design was abundant and detailed with imposing façades, decorative trompe l'oeil and intricate frescoes. The focus was on plays of light, stained glass and intricate carvings.

The light and the palette of colours makes old Nice very specialBeautiful 17th century buildings
yellow gazaniaIntimate alleyways and passages make Nice fascinating
Baroque style was not popular in France and stands, in Nice, as a testament to its unique cultural influences.

Many of these tours are available in different languages or simply explore these hidden treasures by yourself.

Parks and Gardens in Nice

The Mediterranean is world famous for its flora and fauna. The breathtaking landscape with its combination of mild sea side climate and soaring alpine mountains ensures a variety of growth that catches even the most untrained eye. There is a great deal of pride in the Provençal garden and you will find that in every tiny village square every sun-baked windowsill is a wash with cascading brightly coloured flowers. There are remarkable formal gardens to be found all along the Riviera, not just in Nice, many are attached to famous private villas but are also open to the public.

The Phoenix Park and Le Parc de Château

The Phoenix Parc gardens are a flowering haven set on 17 acres on the west side of Nice, set back from the Promenade and close to Nice airport. It boasts the tallest and the largest green house in Europe, almost 7,000 square metres of area and 25 metres high. It houses seven sub-tropical and tropical climates and displays the many and varied plant life that that affords.

You will also see lakes, waterfalls, swans, peacocks, pelicans, turtles and even brightly coloured parrots. The green house itself is looking a little bit tired from the outside but it's still worth it if you are passionate about plants.

Le Parc du Château is located on the old site of this ancient building that, sadly, is no longer there. It rises up above Nice Old Town and Nice Port, jutting out on a sheer rock face that hovers above the town.
Nice's famous palm treesFields of lavendar
Nice PalmsFlowers
Playing in the parkBirds of Paradise Nice
Albert 1erNice colour
It is a steep climb but you can take an elevator in both directions. Even though it looks beautiful from below and afar it is certainly worth making the effort to go up and explore.

Look out for the spectacular waterfall that appears to cascade over the city from below and the beautiful mature old trees.

Markets in Nice

The French Riviera, indeed all of France, is famous for its local markets. Where other countries have, in the recent past, lost this custom and are only just beginning to rediscover the benefits of local trading and produce, Nice has a long and unbroken tradition. Nice in particular was an important trading post from very early on in its history and, while it is no longer a crucial commercial stop in the booming Roman empire, its markets continue to feature highly on the tourist route.

Cours de Saleya

Nice, as with many of the towns in this region, is famous for its markets. It is a part of the history and culture, in all of France, to have markets selling local produce, even in the smallest village. It's a wonderful tradition that has never died out, as it often has in other countries, hence the markets retain a genuine feel, that can sometimes be missing in new or resurgent market days that have sprung up in other countries.

The Cours de Saleya has been a market place in Nice for generations, centuries and it is one of the best places to browse on any day of the week. Lined with restaurants and bars it's the best place to go and just soak up the city's atmosphere.

On most days you will find the long stretch of the market square bursting with the scents and colours of the flower market. Except on Mondays when you can browse the antiques of Nice's Brocante market.
Through the archway, NiceEvening sun, Nice
Grand accessEvening falls
Alfresco dining, NiceFamous buildings Nice
Dining outfamous buildings
In the long summer evenings the Coeur de Saleya is converted into a showcase for local artists. See paintings and craft work on display up until midnight.

There are other markets in Nice too. The fish market in Place St François for locally caught fresh produce also books and postcards in the Palais de Justice and plenty of cafes surrounding them all.

Renting holiday Accommodation in Nice

There is much much more to discover in Nice. To get some further ideas and tips browse through some of our other sections, what to do in Nice or where to eat. Insider tips holds a few secrets to getting the most out of your stay while the Holiday Central will put you in touch with other visitors and help you keep track of all your holiday photos and videos. You will also find lots of useful phone numbers and addresses in our Riviera Rental Guide directory.

To begin browsing Nice holiday rental apartments simply select the accommodations type below or go straight to 'Browse Rentals' on the menu on the left.


Some top holiday rentals in Nice

Nice Fabron 2-Bed Sea View Apartment

French Riviera » Nice 90 sq.m. Apartment 1075
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$148.56
»Per person (x4):$37.14
Sea View, Tranquil
This is a 2 bedroom property within a smart complex to the west of Nice. With access to a huge swimming pool, manicured gardens, tennis courts and parking, this spacious apartment also has a large terrace from which you can enjoy stunning sea views.

Aspremont 4-Bed Hillside Villa

French Riviera » Nice » Nice Hills 170 sq.m. Villa 0972
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$309.08
»Per person (x8):$38.64
Contemporary, Tranquil
This 4-bedroom villa is located to the north of Nice, just minutes from the charming village of Aspremont. A beautiful infinity pool, breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and a contemporary design make this an exclusive holiday property.

Nice Gambetta City Centre Apartment

French Riviera » Nice 100 sq.m. Apartment 1067
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$166.69
»Per person (x4):$41.67
Contemporary, City Centre
Situated in the centre of Nice, this stylish and spacious 2-bedroom apartment is very comfortable yet has an air of grandeur. Located in the Gambertta area and only minutes from the beach, this property is perfect for experiencing the Riviera lifestyle.


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