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Beaulieu sur Mer

Why visit Beaulieu-sur-mer

Beaulieu is beautiful seaside town that echoes of a grander era and still rings with the same refinement from that time. It is on the main coastline but it is tucked away protected by the steep mountains that have also prevented it from becoming over developed. Unlike Villefranche and Eze village the old town of Beaulieu has traced a different path through the eras and is of a more recent vintage.

From humble beginnings

This region of France has many indications of prehistoric life inhabiting the area, with signs of human settlement at sites along the coast between Nice and Menton. We know that this region was populated by the Ligurian tribe who traversed a vast area from Italy all the way across Southern France and possibly into Northern Spain.

Beaulieu-sur-mer, however, first came to light as a town during the ancient Greek times when it was built as a port. At that time it was known as Anao.

The town was extended throughout the Roman times with the addition of grand villas of marble and mosaics from which to enjoy the calm waters of the coast.

It was a small and relatively unprotected area however and during the 3rd century the original town was razed to the ground in its entirety.

A small monastery was built on the same site centuries later but it too was destroyed in the 6th century by the Lombardy and the local inhabitants were forced to take shelter in the hills along the Grand Corniche.
Sun shade
Calm waters
Wild mountains surround Beaulieu-sur-mer, France
wild mountains

Caught in the middle

Beaulieu didn't represent much value in ancient terms, as either a port or a strategic defence line and with the deep water channels of the Rade de Villefranche so close and the trading port of Nikaia just around the corner it didn't seem to warrant the same development or protection as other ancient sites. This has translated into a town that is of a more recent age and has fewer fortifications than other old villages.

Return from the hills

So the few inhabitants were forced into the hills that now make up the Grand Corniche in order to survive. As the region became more secure and the risk of invasion, attacks and piracy from the sea decreased the locals grew more confident in returning to settle on the coast.

It wasn't however, until much later that Beaulieu really began to take off. A tiny hamlet of Villefranche it is rumoured to have been Napoleon Bonaparte who inspired the name Beaulieu when, catching sight of the town he declared it a 'Bellolocco'.

True or not Beaulieu-sur-mer became part of the tourist boom in the late 1800's. It too attracted the wealthy visitors who prompted the building spurt of the beautiful Belle epoch design. Famous visitors are said to include King Leopold II, Prince of Wales I, Marquis of Salisbury, Gordon Bennett, Count Tolstoy and Gustav Eiffel as well as Kings and Queens from Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Russia and France.

In 1891 Beaulieu became an independent commune and separated from the commune of Villefranche-sur-mer. It the smallest of the communes in the Alpes Maritimes department at just 230acres.

Beaulieu was a favourite Winter destination. It was not until post World War I that it began to enjoy a summer season for the first time.

Today Beaulieu-sur-mer is a small and exclusive resort still patronised by the worlds wealthy residents and visitors looking for a calm and serene corner of a busy and popular coast.

Renting holiday apartments and villas in Beaulieu-sur-mer

If Beaulieu-sur-mer inspires you to take a holiday there then please have a look and see what holiday rentals we have available. We have a selection of apartments and villas to rent all along the French Riviera and are committed to helping you find the perfect holiday accommodation. Browse rentals from the main menu to access all our holiday rentals and instant online booking system.


Some top holiday rentals in Beaulieu sur Mer

Villa Belle Vue Beaulieu

French Riviera » ... » Beaulieu sur Mer 400 sq.m. Villa 0257
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$346.98
»Per person (x8):$43.37
Sea View, Swimming Pool
Beautiful family villa with a warm and welcoming atmosphere located in a prime position in Beaulieu Sur Mer on the French Riviera. With every possible feature including heated swimming pool and incredible views, Villa Belle Vue is a perfect holiday villa.

Villa Rose

French Riviera » ... » Beaulieu sur Mer 330 sq.m. Villa 0262
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$925.29
»Per person (x10):$92.53
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
Belle Epoque at its very best at this beautifully restored jewel-like villa in Beaulieu Sur Mer. With views over Cap Ferrat, a wonderful pool and located only 300m from the beach, Villa Rose is the ideal Riviera retreat.


Find your holiday rental in Beaulieu sur Mer

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