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Eze Village

what to see in Eze village

Eze Village is one of the most dramatic and unspoilt perched villages on the Cote d'Azur. The region is famous for this type of village but none are quite so close to the sea or perched quite so precariously over such a steep drop over one of the most famous coastlines in the world.

If you are interested in history or authentic architecture then Eze village will be a pleasure for you. It is hard to be unimpressed by the achievement of those that built and dwelt in it throughout the centuries.

"As a Goddess, I dare not, As a mermaid, I cannot, A woman, I am" - Anais - Earth Goddess


Jardins d'Eze is one of the most dramatic public gardens on the coast with its staggering views and stark landscape. Allow the earth goddesses to lead you through this magical garden of botanical wonders. The exotic garden of Eze features wonderful examples of cacti, agaves and aloe plants including species that are grown all over the world. These plants all share a common resistance to severe drought.

You will find them clinging to this magnificent rock face that forms the centre and the foundation of this remarkable mountaintop village. The views drop away all the way to St Tropez and, in the other direction, over Italy.

The gardens also act as a sculpture park showing a permanent installation of 'Earth Goddesses' by the artist Jean-Philippe Richard.
Richard's work appears in many galleries throughout France and you can also find his creations in the restaurant du rond point des Champs Elysées in Paris, Gallery de Provence in New York and at the S.R. Brennen Gallery of Palm Desert in California.

The gardens were started after World War II by the Mayor of Eze and have become a landmark ever since.

Repose in Jardins d'Eze, France
At the top of the gardens you will find the ruins of a castel that was destroyed by order of King Louis xiv during the the war of succession in 1709.

During the height of the 'Belle Epoch' era it is said that a small bar was set up here for the refreshment of the visitors of the day, sadly missing today however.

In its stead their are many nooks and crannies and areas of contemplation as this garden lends itself more to the wonder of nature than the demands of tourists and it is hard to tear yourself away from the magnitude of the view.

"Follow me young man and you shall know all my secrets...or almost" - Margot - Earth Goddess

Footsteps of our Ancestors

A walk through this village yields architecture and artefacts that span the generations of Eze village and illustrate the paths that our forefathers trod before us.

Walk through the Moorish gate at the entrance to the village and you take the same route as Moorish invaders did in the 8th century. Legend says that they entered the village through this portal and murdered the villagers within.

A climb to the top of Eze will see you in the ruins of an old castle. With the village dating back to the iron age it is unsure when the first structure was initially built here but it is known that it was destroyed in 1706 by Louis XIV during the Spanish wars of Succession.

Also look out for the ancient Postern, the ancient court of Justice, le Planet, the Chaple of White penitents and the Church Notre Dame de l'Assomption as well as the grand houses of Château d'Eze and Le Chevre d'Or that are now luxury hotels.

These sights will lead you on a journey through the ages from man's early beginnings to the pomp and grandeur of the Belle Epoch era.
Castle ruins in eze village, france
Manicured village amonst the rock in Eze, France
Church Notre-Dame de l'Assomption eze village

Renting holiday accommodation in Eze

Eze in one of the most beautiful villages on the coast and is an enchanting and elite holiday destination. Find a beautiful holiday home for your vacation with us and we will do our best to ensure that you have a fantastic holiday in the South of France.


Find your holiday rental in Eze Village

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