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Mandelieu 3-Bed Sea View Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Mandelieu 120 sq.m. Apartment 1318
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$382.22
»Per person (x6):$63.70
Mandelieu Centre
Apartment with swimming pool
Situated in an exclusive area in the hillside of Mandelieu-la-Napoule, just outside of Cannes, this cosy, peaceful 3-bedroom holiday apartment features breathtaking sea views that can be enjoyed from the apartment's large, furnished wrap-around terrace.

Mandelieu 5-Bed Sea View Villa

French Riviera » Cannes » Mandelieu 350 sq.m. Villa 1002
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,036.83
»Per person (x10):$103.68
Sea View, Tranquil
Located in the hills above Cannes, this exclusive villa has incredible panoramic sea views. With 5 double bedrooms, the villa can sleep 10 guests and has an independent apartment. There is a stunning swimming pool, enclosed garden and beautiful terraces.

Dauphiné Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Mandelieu 80 sq.m. Apartment 0591
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$102.41
»Per person (x4):$25.60
Sea View, Swimming Pool
Lovely 2-bedroom villa perched in the hills above Cannes, boasting breath-taking sea views, a terrace, garden and swimming pool.

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