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holiday rental apartments in Menton

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3-Level Beachfront Apartment

French Riviera » Menton 53 sq.m. Apartment 0753
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$208.34
»Per person (x4):$52.09
Specials Available
Menton Centre
Quirky apartment spread over three floors, located on the seafront of the old town. With views of the old port and wonderful sandy beach opposite. An inexpensive holiday for a couple or group wanting to visit Menton and other great Cote d'Azur towns.

Vieux Chateau Menton

French Riviera » Menton 100 sq.m. Apartment 0886
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$240.39
»Per person (x6):$40.07
City Centre, Tranquil
A charming apartment to rent in the heart of Menton's Old Town next to local amenities and just a short distance from Monaco. This spacious holiday home has a Provençal character and breathtaking sea views. Special offers for last minute bookings.

Charming Menton Seafront Apartment

French Riviera » Menton 140 sq.m. Apartment 0726
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$297.62
»Per person (x5):$59.52
Adrenaline, City Centre
This charming duplex apartment is in a period building on the seafront in the old town area of Menton. You can enjoy panoramic views from its balcony, which looks onto the sandy Sablettes Beach, and the palm tree-lined Promenade below.

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