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Posted on Wednesday, 11 May 2011
There is a reason why we are so interested in where the celebrities are hanging out on their holidays. It's not because we hope to accidentally bump into them, have an instantly bonding experience during which they realise, in that split second, that we are indeed their best friend/long lost love/soul mate and why don't we join them/marry/hang out with them forever and enjoy all the thrills of life as an internationally renowned star. It could happen but, in reality lets face it, probably not, unless you happen to bump into Paris Hilton who is reportedly always looking for a new best friend.

The reason we are so interested in where the celebrities are hanging out, whether it's on a fancy yacht or in sumptuous villas, holiday hot spots are what we are really interested in. The reasoning is, if a gold card holding superstar is staying in a place, chances are it's the best, the most interesting or the hottest destination, yacht, villa, holiday or beach on the planet. If it's good enough for them then chances are it might just pass our own internal metre stick.

Hence our fascination with where the celebs are baring their bikini bodies, it's not just to ogle bare naked ladies and handsome hunks, we swear. It is a serious fact finding mission, end goal; defining our own perfect ideal holiday romp, a bit like dreaming of the fairytale wedding as a child despite swearing never, ever to get married. It's good to have your benchmarks set up, at least you'll recognise perfection when it lands in your lap.

So on that note just where are the celebs hanging out these days. Are they lounging in villas, holiday resorts, private yachts? Despite what you might read in interviews of some famous stars who cite their favourite huntsman's hut in the Akakus mountains where they had simply the most divine goat stew, or the fabulous trek down the Sepik River where they met simply the most genuine people, our celebrities do have a habit of cropping up in the same old places. Namely the South of France, the Italian Riviera, the Greek islands and Croatia in the Summer and St Barths, Turks and Caicos and Barbados in the Winter.

Most of those with families, like Matt Damon or the Jolie-Pitts, favour private villas, holiday makers with a younger outlook, like Paris Hilton or Kate Moss, opt for luxurious hotels where their every whim is catered for while the real Hollywood heavyweights, Sean-Puff Daddy-P Diddy-more-recently-just-Diddy-Combs, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, fashion royalty Stefano Gabbana and every Russian Oligarch worth his weight in gooey black fossil fuel, tend towards the ultimate privacy, freedom and luxury on board a private yacht.

For which we are grateful really, after all who really wants to follow in the footsteps of our more intrepid celebrity traveller, up a mosquito infested Amazonian river without the cushion of 100 million dollars in the bank on our one and only holiday of the year, maybe next time. Thankfully we can also easily enjoy dining on the fish in Saint Tropez beach side Club 55 as recommended by Jenson Button and annually enjoyed by Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins and Bono or pound the streets of Portofino as preferred by Rod Stewart, Richard Branson and Berlusconi.

The mere mortals amongst us can rent private villas, holiday on the Cote d'Azur and fly to the Caribbean as per our favourite celebrity. We might not stay right next door or have a cocktail named after us and our photo nailed to the wall of that shady, beach shack bar but we can enjoy the same white beaches, star lit skies and overwhelming sense of freedom and opportunity that a holiday can give you. So even if you don't have a private villa, holiday yacht or private island you can still holiday like a celebrity.

Find your perfect holiday villa on the French Riviera with Riviera Rental Guide. We have a great selection that can cater to every Mariah-Carey-like whim. You might not be a celebrity but, this summer in any number of private villas, holiday like one. Riviera Rental Guide takes you there.
Recommended Holiday Rental:   Villa Cap de Nice
Self catering holiday rental villa
Bedrooms: 3; Sleeps: 8
Price p/n: €656.65

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