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Villa Bastide des Oliviers in Grasse, French Riviera
A striking Provencal bastide situated...
Mandelieu 5-Bed Sea View Villa in Mandelieu, Cannes, French Riviera
Located in the hills above Cannes, this...
The Corniches
This studio apartment sleeps 4 guests...
 L'Abbaye in Mont Boron, Nice, French Riviera
Lovely and sunny 2 bedroom apartment...
Le Grand Gîte in La Garde Freinet, St Tropez, French Riviera
St Tropez
A nature lover's paradise, this...
Modern Roquebrune Bay Apartment in Roquebrune Cap Martin, Menton, French Riviera
Ideal family apartment with terrace and...
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Location and Event Guides

We take all the guesswork out of choosing a location and booking your apartment or villa.

Our researchers comb each neighbourhood in the finest detail for you in advance saving you valuable holiday time. Where to go, what to see, what to avoid, it's all here.

We search the amenities near every property and Geo-locate them on our interactive maps so that you can find everything you need with just a mouse click. On every property page, the interactive map at the bottom of the page will show you where to find the beach, a supermarket, a cool restaurant or a bank ATM.

All you have to do is look through the list, once you find what you're looking for just click 'Locate on map'.

We provide you with comprehensive destination guides that include the details of all the tourist attractions, the best restaurants and bars and our invaluable Insider Tips pages that will save you time and money.

Guides include; When to Go, What to See, How to Get to, Why visit, Where to Eat and much more. At the bottom of every page you will find a link to our Directory, this is a compendium of contacts that you can delve into anytime during your visit to help you find what you need in one handy place.

Make sure to click on one of our original images, we have thousands of original un-retouched images of all our areas, no touch ups, no exaggeration, no lies, just the French Riviera truthfully photographed for you.

You don't have to book a rental with us to use our guide, locals use them all the time because we have the best and most comprehensive local information.

To access our guides, just click on the 'Destinations' tab above.

Hand-picked, approved and verified rentals

We check and approve every rental property on Riviera Rental Guide.

Our policy is to only include properties that share our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, are decorated and maintained to a very high standard, are equipped with appliances and systems that are up to date where fitted and operate perfectly.

All the properties on Riviera Rental Guide have something special about them, we do not pile high a collection of average, under-equipped and poorly maintained properties. Some are selected because they are simply stunning, some may be incredibly good value for the superb location, another might be on a mountainside amongst olive groves and wonderful landscapes, but have no dishwasher, others may be selected because of their proximity to something else that's special, for example being on the circuit of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

We check each and every property and we guarantee that the pictures on this website are accurate and do not misrepresent the property in any way.

We verify that the person operating the rental property is doing so in an expert way on an ongoing basis and is dedicated to ensure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Safe and secure rental system

Our credit card booking systems means 100% security for you.

When you book a holiday rental, it's so much better to pay by credit card and take advantage of your credit card company's built-in consumer protection. No longer do you have to worry about sending payments abroad to persons unknown by bank transfer or worse, exposing yourself to potential unpleasant surprises. Riviera Rental Guide works with leading financial institutions to provide you with a safe and secure payment method that carries no risk.

Our system is completely secured using Secure Sockets Layer (You will see the lock symbol on your browser when you are on the payment pages), this means that it's impossible to intercept your card data or information from elsewhere on the Internet. Our secure system directly negotiates your reservation with one of the World's leading banks and at no time does any human have access to your card details.

We also use technologies like Mastercard SecureCode and Visa 3DSECURE to further prevent anyone impersonating you and using your card on our system.

Once your credit card payment is made, your reservation is confirmed and secure, the time you have reserved is then immediately unavailable to anyone else.

A moment after your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from us, confirming the amount, the reservation and other details, leaving you feeling protected and secure.

Instant booking online

We have the fastest and most sophisticated real-time instant booking system in the Holiday Rentals sector.

You simply go to the availability calendar, click on the first day of your stay, then the last day and the price is immediately calculated in real time and instantly displayed.

Add a day, knock off a day, our system instantly recalculates. Just click on 'Reserve', add your personal details, input your credit card number and it's already sending out your booking confirmation by email.

Once you've decided on a property and found the availability you'd like, it takes an average of only 3-4 minutes to complete the entire process, the longest time being taken to type in your name and address!

Flexible payment options

We understand that budgeting the holiday of a lifetime is not easy.

Riviera Rental Guide are delighted to offer customers several payment options that make it easier to plan and budget your French Riviera holiday.

Customers who would prefer to spread their payments can now do so by choosing 'Monthly Payments' at the payment screen.

This means that you can reserve in advance grabbing all the best times, then pay it in convenient monthly installments up to the holiday. It's so easy, you don't do a thing, your monthly equal payments are automatically charged to your credit card every month, when it completes shortly before the holiday, your final confirmations are dispatched.

Monthly payments do not cost a penny, there is NO charge whatsoever.

Customers still have traditional payment terms. Along with full payment there is another option to pay a deposit of 30% and the balance later.

Customers who do not have access to a credit card can contact customer service for Cheque/transfer/Paypal options.

Social rentals with VillaShare

Riviera Rental Guide have revolutionised the social possibilities of a holiday rental.

With our VillaShare application on the Facebook platform you can decide that it would be fun for you and your best friends to have an amazing holiday together in St Tropez next summer - the trip of a lifetime! Up to now, that has been a nightmare to organise.

With VillaShare you can just choose your most favourite St Tropez villa (or anywhere else), the one with the best pool, the best views, the most rooms for all your friends.

Reserve as normal but when you get to the checkout you choose our VillaShare monthly payment option and pay just ONE monthly payment of your equal share.

Let's look at an example: Villa in St Tropez costs 9,000Eur for a week in high season (August) and sleeps 10. That makes it 900Eur per person. But you can pay monthly, over say 6 months that makes your monthly payment only 150Eur.

After you pay your 150Eur you are taken to Facebook where you can select your Facebook Friends to invite using our VillaShare application, you can invite as many friends as you like, but only the first 9 who click 'I'm going' can go. You can invite people outside Facebook by entering their email address.

The VillaShare application does everything for you, it let's them know they've been invited, it registers their RSVP, it processes their payments, whether in full or monthly. It looks after the entire project in a way that you can see and monitor every step of the way from right inside Facebook. Visit for the full details.

When the final payment is made, the itinerary and address details are immediately dispatched.

Friendly local support team

When you are on holiday with Riviera Rental Guide, there is a team of local service agents who can help you if things go wrong. Need a hospital, had a fall, lost your passport?

Just call us on your issued emergency numbers any time of day or night and we will be there to help you. You are never away from home when you're with Riviera Rental Guide.

Holiday insurance for you and your family

We have partnered with one of the world's largest insurance companies to deliver an unrivalled holiday insurance product.

Our holiday insurance is specifically designed for short-term rentals of villas, houses and apartments in the locations we operate. This means that costs are kept down and the product is highly suited. Our holiday insurance provides the following cover:

Cancellation of the trip (deposit plus balance payment due, limited to €15,000

Curtailment of the trip (including the cost of the unused portion of your holiday, limited to €15,000)

Personal liability: Material damage due to fire, explosion and floods limited to €1,500,000

Damage to the rented accommodation or owner belongings, limited to €2,500 euros, with €75 deductible

Search and rescue insurance which is limited to €3,050

Often, your holiday insurance will be included in the price of your rental at no extra cost as a courtesy from us. This helps protect you, our valued customer, as well as our partners and ourselves. Our aim is to protect all parties involved in the rental process.

For some destinations, your insurance policy will even cover you if the weather is bad! We understand that you expect the weather is going to be good and that sometimes the weather can put even the best laid plans to rest. That's why, if you book a 7+ day holiday rental with us and you don't get sunshine, a cheque for €100 will be waiting for you when you return home.
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