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How to get to Menton

from further afield

Tucked away in the furthest most easterly corner of France you might assume that Menton may be a difficult place to get to. However, a long history as a tourist destination means that all routes to Menton are well trodden and well rehearsed with access from almost anywhere in the world possible.

A guilded past, MentonSun, sea and Mentonexotic influences, Menton

Getting to Menton by Air

The closest airport to Menton is Nice Cote d'Azur which is just 42km or a 40 minute drive away. Genoa and Milan are feasible options too as both are less than a three hour drive away. Nice airport is France's second busiest airport, after Paris with regular flights direct from almost every European city in the North, South and Central Europe.

There are also daily direct flights from North Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Canada. Once you arrive in Nice then Menton is a car, helicopter, train, bus or taxi ride away. Scroll down the page for more detailed descriptions of each mode of transport or look in the RG directory to find contact details and links to Nice airport.

Getting to Menton by Rail

Traveling from Northern Europe the rail links to the South of France will, for the most part, take you through Paris. Paris is the central hub for the TGV, France's fast train service that operates national and international routes. From Paris you will take a train to Marseille and from there connect to Nice from where you will take a local train, operated by SNCF, to Menton.

Traveling from the East will take you through Italy where their are train links to Nice from Rome, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Florence and Pisa. You may have to change trains in either Genoa or Nice but look for 'Riviera dei Fiori' routes or trains to San Remo from where you can easily hop on a local train across the border to Menton. Look in the RG directory for rail contacts and links.

Traveling from the South or South West will take you through Spain. To reach the South of France directly you will have to make your connections through Cartagena, Valencia or Barcelona into France via Perpignan and Montpelier. From other parts of Spain the connection to the Cote d'Azur will have to be made through Paris. The name of the high speed Spanish train service is called AVE. Look in the RG directory for rail links and contacts.

For contacts and links of all the high speed rail links throughout Europe please look in the RG directory in any section under 'Transport'.

Menton BeachHistorical MentonSerene views, Menton

Getting to Menton by Road

France has one of the best road networks in Western Europe. The Motorway system is signposted with blue signs and are often marked 'Peáge'. This means that you are entering a section of road that is tolled and therefore has a charge attached to using it. You can find out in advance how much these charges will be by looking at the road network's website, for which you will find details of in the RG directory in any area under 'Transport'.

The tolls may seem expensive, especially if you are traveling from a country that doesn't have toll roads but there is also the option of using the 'Route National' roads. These are marked by green signs and the road numbers are prefixed with the letters 'RN'. These roads are free to travel but you will find that they take significantly longer and you will use more fuel. The 'Peáge' routes may cost but they will save you money on fuel and time. So choose your route according to your desire. Scenic or fast.

The Cote d'Azur is facilitated by the A8 motorway which runs from East to West along the Southern Coast. Menton is located at Junction 59 of the A8 and is the last exit before you enter Italy. This exit is not tolled so exit is quick and free.

The road network in most of Western Europe is very good. Look in our RG directory to find useful websites to use to help you plan your route. Perhaps the biggest consideration, with regards to driving to the South of France from Northern Europe, is what route to use to cross the Alps or to skirt them.

MentonLe Port de MentonKeeping watch, Menton

Getting to Menton by sea

Getting to Menton via the sea will depend on your point of departure. The main ferry routes into France are in more northerly ports or on the east coast and from there you will have to link up to road network or France's rail links. There are some ferry companies that operate between Nice and Italy and between Nice and Corsica but this part of the Mediterranean is mostly reserved for pleasure boats, private yachts, cruise liners and private charters.

Menton does have its own port, both the port de Menton and the Port de Menton-Garavan. Le Port de Menton-Garavan has 800 places and 176 places reserved for visitors. Contact the Capitanerie to make reservations and find out availability. Details can be found in the RG directory under Menton - Transport - Ports & Marinas.

Le Port de Menton has 100 visitor berths and is 4km from Monaco, 10km from Nice and 20 km from Antibes. Availability during the summer months is at a premium and booking a berth well in advance is advisable.

How to get around Menton

once you are there

Menton is the furthest point west on the Cote d'Azur, the last train stop before you cross over into Italy and a bridge between the two cultures. It has its own micro climate and is famous for its citrus trees, market, casino and its weather. Despite being on the 'outskirts' of the French Riviera it is easy to find, easy to get to and easy to get around.

Menton by Taxi

If you arrive into Nice Cote d'Azur airport there is a Taxi rank just outside the door of the arrivals halls of both terminal one and terminal two. The journey time to Menton from the airport is about 40-45 minutes, depending on where your holiday accommodation is.

The average fare will be from €72-€92 depending on the time of day. Prices vary depending on the time of night and the amount of luggage you have. Once in Menton there are plenty of local Taxi companies to take you around.
Tip: Agree the price before you leave.

Look in the RG directory for local Taxi numbers under 'Menton-Transport-Taxis'.

Tourist Train, Monaco

Menton by Train

Nice Cote d'Azur airport does not have a rail link so to get to Menton by train from Nice you must first find your way to Nice Ville train station, by taxi or bus, both of which leave from just outside the door of arrivals.

From Nice the trains run right along the seafront regularly throughout the day and evening to Menton. If you are arriving from Italy then trains from San Remo and Ventimiglia run regularly to Nice via Menton.
Tip:check train times on-line

There is information on fare saver offers available online.

booking on-line

The SNCF website is not very user friendly if you are a tourist. There is an English version but the information available through English is less complete. For example to find out about the special day rate tourist train tickets you must first find the section in French before you can find the English translation of the same information. We have provided the link information in the RG directory to help you find this info on-line but the tickets are available at any train stations and the airport.

It is excellent to use as a guideline for train times but there are no other language translations and if the site is unable to sell you a ticket within the time frame that you specify then it will not always list every train time. It is great to use if you are planning well in advance or to gauge how long journeys take but pick up free pocket-size train timetable in the stations for total accuracy and independence.

Look out for the 'Carte Isabelle'. This is a daily train ticket that offers unlimited travel along the Riviera, into Ventimiglia and on several lines into the hills as well for €12 per day. It represents great value if you are planning multiple locations and trips in one day. It is, however, only available from 1st July to 30th September. Purchase it at any train station.

The Carte Isabelle really is great value, recommend it to your friends or family.

There are other tourist train tickets available that allow you to travel to different areas to explore. look in the RG directory for links and contacts where by you can access this information. Look in any area section under 'Transport-trains & buses-sncf'.

Menton by bus

There is a bus link that runs at regular intervals throughout the day from 9am - 9pm, from terminals 1 and 2 of Nice airport direct to Menton via the Autoroute. It takes 1hr 15 mins with RCA bus company and costs €18 to get to Menton. If you are traveling from Nice centre ville then there are local buses between Menton and Nice, number 100 departing from Gare Routiére.

Fares have been standardised across the region specifically to make it easier for the regions many visitors and cost €1.30 for any journey. Also new this year is the Noc'tam Bus a late night bus service linking towns along the French Riviera.
Menton's beautiful beaches
Tip: Use the RG directory for web links and contacts

You can buy tickets from the bus drivers and also multiple journey tickets valid for that day saving time and money.

Menton by Road

Entering Menton by road is possibly the least convenient way to get there although routes are good and well sign posted. The reason for this is quite simply due to the lie of the land. The mountains sweep down on either side of the town giving Menton its exceptionally mild climate but also restricting road access.

There is a motorway exit but there is then quite a wind down into the town. Likewise the coast road meanders long and twisty through every little town along the coast. It's very pretty and easy to find, it's just slow but then again you are on holiday.
Driving into menton
Tip: Allow plenty of time for journeys.

Also take advantage of Menton's proximity to Italy and go shopping in Ventimiglia's famous market.

Menton by Air

There are several Helicopter airlines that operate out of Nice airport. Their scheduled flights revolve around available heliports and the most popular routes so there are regular scheduled flights from Nice to Monaco and St Tropez.

However you can also charter your own journey, just so long as there is somewhere to land, naturally. It is not necessarily as expensive as you might think but it is absolutely as glamourous and an amazing way to see the coastline as you fly to your holiday accommodation.
menton rooftops
Tip: great for groups.

If there is a gang of you then the price per person is reduced and flights can take up to 5 people.

Le Port de Menton

Menton by Sea.

There are two Ports in Menton, Le Port Municipal, which is the old port and Port de Menton-Garavan. Both have facilities for visiting boaters and you'll need to contact Le Capitanerie to make reservations and check on availability.

Le Port municipal can facilitate boats up to 25metres while Le Port Menton-Garavan can handle up to 40metres. There are also several cruise line companies that schedule stops at Menton as part of a larger Mediterranean cruise.
Tip: Capitanerie is open 24hrs all year round.

Contact details for Capitanerie and all of Menton are in the RG directory.

Renting holiday Accommodation in Menton

However you choose to arrive in Menton once you are there you will need vacation accommodation. If you are ready to rent a holiday apartment or vacation villa in Menton then simply use the search facility below. To find out more about Menton then click 'Next' to go through the other sections. Alternatively, to look through all our holiday villas and vacation rentals in all areas then click on 'Browse Rentals' in the main menu.


Some top holiday rentals in Menton

Contemporary Menton Balcony Apartment

French Riviera » Menton 46 sq.m. Apartment 0734
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$206.81
»Per person (x4):$51.70
Contemporary, Tranquil
You can discover the beautiful coastal town of Menton and its French and Italian influences from this stylish apartment in the town centre, with shops and beaches close by. Ideal for those with commitments in Monaco, only 10 minutes away by train.

Golf Bleu Pool Studio

French Riviera » ... » Roquebrune Cap Martin 25 sq.m. Apartment 0731
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$106.81
»Per person (x4):$26.70
Contemporary, Tranquil
Quaint studio apartment in a new residence with pool and parking in Roquebrune Cap Martin. It has a garden and terrace, and panoramic views of the beaches and Roquebrune Bay. The beach and train station is only 5-minutes walk away. Ideal couple's retreat.

Apartment Rouge Menton

French Riviera » Menton 30 sq.m. Apartment 0743
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$162.49
»Per person (x3):$54.16
City Centre, Tranquil
Apartment in an epoch villa with its own planted terrace. Within easy reach of the attractions of central and old town Menton. A good base from which to explore the beaches and famous gardens of the sunniest town on the Riviera, without breaking the bank.


Find your holiday rental in Menton


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