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St Tropez

What to do in St Tropez

For Families

Saint Tropez's reputation is perhaps increasingly becoming more geared towards an older and wilder crowd. A lot of this is, of course, media hype fuelled by tabloid press but you have to remember that this is France and there is an still a more 'refined', 'old school' sensibility about it. St Tropez is never going to become like the heaving flesh pots of Ibiza. In this manner it is a wonderful holiday location for families. It's small, contained, safe and all about the beach and having a good time.

Go to St Tropez Beach

Saint Tropez beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is not actually in the town of Saint Tropez but stretches out along the peninsula to the west of the town itself in an area called Pamplonne.

5km of white sandy beach and glittering blue skies await you. The sea is shallow here with a sand bar that makes it perfect for children to swim and play in. Facilities are good with shaded parking, toilets, showers, activities, restaurants, bars and coastguards at regular intervals.
St Tropez seascape
Tip: Make use of the public sections

There are private beach clubs dotted along the beach but they can be restrictive if you have young children.

Parasols and Boats St Tropezvisiting St Tropez beachParasols At St Tropez beach

House of Butterflies St Tropez

Visit the House of Butterflies. Established in 1993, The Maison de Papillon is situated in an antique house that is home to about 4,500 butterfly species.

The collection has been gathered by Dany Lartigue, a famous painter who has made Saint Tropez his home since 1970. There are many rare species, all carefully documented and beautifully displayed in recreations of their natural habitat.
St Tropez streets
Tip: visit the atelier too

Dany Lartigue is the son of a famous painter and composer. See his work at his St Tropez atelier.

The Citadelle St Tropez

Explore the Citadelle.
The Citadelle sits perched above the town looking out over the sea and, while the museum may not excite younger children, running around the ramparts should help burn up some energy.

The first construction began on this defensive site in 1589 and has been razed to the ground and rebuilt on more than one occasion. It's a stunning view and evokes memories of the dramatic past and all its mysteries.
St Tropez Pines
Tip:Pack a picnic

The walk up is steep so make a day of it. Bring a picnic and enjoy the space and view that the grounds offer.

Local colours in St TropezSailing boat in the harbour, St TropezSt Tropez road

Luna Park near St Tropez

Visit the Luna Park or Azur park. For some all out kiddie fun take a trip to this big, bright and noisy fun park. It's about a 15 minute drive outside St Tropez and has every kind of fun activity that children love.

Rides, roller-coasters, water slides, attractions, horse rides, Ferris wheel, fast food and crazy golf to give you an idea. There is also a large commercial area next door with shops and restaurants but you will need a car or taxi to get there.
Flying high at Azur Land
Tip: Stock up

The Luna Park is next door to the largest supermarket in the area. So stock up your holiday rental.

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What to do in St Tropez

For Couples

Saint-Tropez is a wonderful place to discover if you are a couple. It's such a pretty town and because it's so small it's winding cobbled streets and old stone buildings seems like such an intimate place to discover. If you want a quiet romantic time then the best time to go is early summer, June, or early Autumn, September, before the crowds set in. If you want a lively party vibe, then July and August are the only months to go.

Mini-tender, St Tropez

Hire a Mini Moke, St Tropez

Or any set of wheels, from bikes to scooters to the mini sized open-to-the-elements cars that are so popular in this area. A 'must' if you want to get around easily and be independent.

The coast line is largely flat and, even though it's all tucked into a small area, life is easier with a set of wheels, if you haven't got a boat, and it gives you access to the rest of this gorgeous coastline, even two wheels would do.
Tip: The beaches are a short distance away

The beaches are on the outskirts of town and are a trek by foot, especially in the summer heat.

Local art, St TropezFamous portside cafes, St Tropezdecorative wall mural, St Tropez

Visit St Tropez' museums

Saint Tropez centre ville is one of the prettiest along this coast. It has a luminosity that attracted some of the most world famous painters beginning with Paul Signac in 1892 who was captivated by the place and introduced many of his artist friends to the town.

It became an active part of the avant-garde set who explored new techniques from impressionism, pointism and fauvism. Visit the Annonciade museum to see works by Matisse, Bonnard and Signac.
Tip: remember current day artists too

There are many 'Ateliers',
current artists studios and galleries to visit too and port side expositions.

Ringside seats at the port, St Tropez

Discover St Tropez cafe life

There is no better place to people watch than the port in Saint Tropez. Camp out at Le Senequier in the port and watch the beautiful people go by. This famous cafe catches the evening sun and looks out over the bobbing row of super yachts.

If there is a celebrity in St Tropez then this is where you'll see them. Or if you prefer a more traditional view, sit in the Place des Lices and watch the gentile French play petanque under the dappled shade of the giant plane trees.

Tip: Drink something Local from St Tropez

There are wonderful local wines from this area. Visit the vineyards and taste them in situ .

What to do in St Tropez

For a group of Friends

Saint Tropez is a summer party town and transforms into a playground during the summer, a high class, grown up playground. It's a great place to club together with a group of friends and splash out on a good time in some of the famous hot spots.

Hit St Tropez Beach

Go for one of the beach clubs but make sure that you choose the right one to suit both your budget and your frame of mind. If you just want to hang out and relax then try somewhere like Polynesie, the vibe is chilled and the food is fine and not too expensive. If, however, you want to party with the party people then there are no other places to go than Nikki beach or Voile Rouge. Both of these clubs are famous for their excesses.
Beach clubs, St tropez
Tip: Dine at Club55

The original beach club, made famous by Brigitte Bardot, has excellent food and ambiance.

Fun in the waves, St Tropez beachEvening closes in at St TropezJetty Tahiti plage St tropez beach

Dance the St Tropez night away

Le Cave de Roi is probably the most famous club here. It is located in the Byblos hotel and has quite a cult following with hot DJ's and their own music compilation releases.

Dress to the nines and dig deep into your pockets, are they deep enough for a 20,000+ euro bottle of bubbly? There are cheaper options, of course, it's not all completely terrifyingly expensive. Drink, dance, have fun, buy the T-shirt, listen to the CD.
Beach by day-party by night
Tip: A celebrity hot spot

The Hotel is rumoured to be Elton John's favourite and Boy George has guest DJ'd in the club.

Take up Polo, St Tropez

Get acquainted with the sport of kings. There are beautiful, lush green polo grounds located near St Tropez with a gorgeous club house, restaurant, training grounds and events scheduled all year long.

They also have a polo school, where you can book a session with their top class trainers and learn the basics of this game. If that all sounds too energetic or daring for you then at least go for the champagne and watch the professionals in flight instead.
Rare green field, Polo Grounds, St Tropez
Tip: Pick up a new holiday skill

Holidays are an ideal time to learn something that will stay with you for life.

Boats of all sizes arrive in St Tropez PortSailing boats in St TropezOn the water

Hire a boat

This activity will come up time and time again in most 'what to do' sections because it is simply one of the most enjoyable things to do while you are on vacation in the South of France and even better if there are a bunch of you.

The Med is so sheltered and the crystal waters are dotted with coves, bays and wonderful spots to simply take a dip. Hire something small and 'permis free' if you haven't got a license or go for something bigger if you do. Don't be intimidated by the big Superyachts, every size boat is welcome provided you let the Port Office know.
Taking advantage of a quiet Port, St Tropez
Tip: Know your port etiquette

Stick to the speed limits within the port walls and be thoughtful to other users. But also take your chances and make friends with the bigger boat owners.

Renting holiday Accommodation in St Tropez

As you can see there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied in St Tropez for the duration of your holiday. If you are ready to book a holiday rental in St Tropez then please use the search facility below to see all the villas and apartments available or click on 'Browse Rentals' in the main menu to see everything from luxury apartments to modest villas to rent in St Tropez.


Some top holiday rentals in St Tropez

Port Grimaud St Tropez haven

French Riviera » St Tropez » Port Grimaud 80 sq.m. House 0143
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$208.34
»Per person (x5):$41.67
Sea View, Beachfront
Immaculate 2 bedroomed property with its own mooring situated in a private cul-de sac in Port Grimaud. Use this great value house and mooring for making superfast trips into St Tropez port without all the traffic.

Apartment St Tropez Port

French Riviera » St Tropez 30 sq.m. Apartment 0895
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$160.26
»Per person (x3):$53.42
Sea View, Waterfront
This is a romantic 1 bedroom apartment perfectly situated overlooking the port of St Tropez. The location and stunning views make this the perfect rental for up to 3 people. It's a pretty, bijou apartment that's just in the most fantastic location.

Villa Ramatuelle

French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle 95 sq.m. Villa 0881
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$320.52
»Per person (x4):$80.13
City Centre, Swimming Pool
This 2 bedroom villa in the picture postcard town of Ramatuelle is the ideal retreat for your holiday. Surrounded by vineyards and woods you will feel in the heart of French countryside but still be close to the famous St Tropez beaches.


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