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Villa Bianco in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
Villa Bianco is an ancient Belle Epoque...
Eze Beach Apartments in Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
This amazing apartment is on the beach,...
Villa Riviera Eze sur Mer in Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
Villa Riviera is an exclusive luxury...
Horizon Apartment Villefranche in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
You will enjoy splendid panoramic views...
Villefranche Terrace apartment in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
A bright and modern apartment that...
Villefranche Hills Traditional Villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
A marvellous five-bedroom traditional...
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The Corniches

What to see in The Corniches

The Corniches stretch across an area over 20 kilometres in length and is home to 8 seaside and mountain top villages. It was one of the last areas on the French Riviera to be accessed due to the difficult terrain and it remained a wild and enticing area while many of the larger coastal towns were under heavy development during the last century.

Today the topography helps to maintain a certain wild and natural beauty but the history of the area and it's occupants have also shaped the landscape and it's points of interest.

Cap d'Ail

Sentier de Cap d'Ail

The Sentier de Cap d'Ail is a footpath that winds along the coast between Cap d'Ail and Plage Mala. It is one of the prettiest footpaths along the coast as the mountains drop straight to the sea in places meaning that there is no interruption between you and the yawning blue Mediterranean. In some places there is little more than a ribbon of hanging footpath above the calm waters and you can reallt forget that this is a busy coastline.

The footpath winds, uninterrupted for 5 kilometres at sea level and is classified as an easy walking route. In it's entirety it should take you about two and a halh hours but in reality it will probably take longer. The scenery defies you to walk past without taking time to sit and think or simply stare.

It is also a place of a naturally occurring geological oddity which the commune have marked with signs and information.

An imposing entrance, Cap d'AilDrama on the high seas, Cap d'Ail
Grand homesWinding path
November on the MedWhere the Alps meet the sea, the Corniches
Great viewsGreat mountains
You will see some of natures wonders, feel a sense of the scale of the Alpes Maritimes and find many indigenous and wild flora growing along the shore.

It is also an area that naturally drew the attention of wealthy visitors and you will see some stunning examples of architecture of the local villas. Above all it is an interesting and beautiful walk that can, should you choose, culminate at one of the beach bars and restaurants on Plage Mala for some just reward.

A local resident of La TurbieLush and green in La TurbieDetails in La Turbie

La Turbie

Le Trophée des Alpes, La Turbie

La Trophée des Alpes is a Roman monument that was built on this site some 2000 years ago around 6BC or 7BC. It was built to herald the success of Roman Emperor Octavius Augustus as his defeat of the local tribes marked the begining of his campaigns over Gaul and Spain.

A much loved son of Rome, Augustus was adopted by Julius Caesar as his own, and said to be a cruel leader. Contrary to his great military successes, Augustus was known as one of the greatest administrators of the Roman Empire and during his reign he over saw the rebuilding of hundreds of temples, the Theatre of Apollo, the Horologium and the great Mausoleum of Augustus.

The Trophée was built to honour his triumph and the site was chosen, not as a particularly strategic place but certainly as one that could be seen for miles and miles from both land and sea. The fall of the Roman Empire also saw the decline of monuments such as these as they were attacked through the middle ages by various invading tribes.
Trophée des Alpes, La TurbieSadly runined, La Turbie
Son of Rome, La TurbiePillars of Rome, La Turbie
The advent of Christianity also meant that these sites were denigrated as pagan and so came further damage. It served time as a fortress and in the 1700's was practically raised to the ground by order of King Louis IX.

It was finally recognised and partially restored in 1865 and today stands as a reminder of the history of this area, an object of beauty, an archaeological wonder and landmark on the horizon.

There is a small museum on site open during the day except on Mondays. Worth a visit if you are interested in Roman history.


"I learned that from the sun, when it goes down, it pours then in the sea, the gold of inexhaustible richnesses"- Frederic Nieztsche in 'Thus spoke Zarathoustra'.

Les Jardin Exotic d'Eze, Eze

The view that prompted Nietzche's eloquence lay stretched below him as seen from the gardens on the crest of Eze village.

The village itself is a wonder of old charm and vertiginous streets winding up to a summit that was once home to a castle. King Louis IX did as he did with all the other fortifications along this ribbon of coast and had it destroyed.

After WWII the Mayor of the village at the time, René Gianton, and the creator of Monaco's exotic gardens, Jean Gastaud, decided to create a wonderful garden in the falling grounds of the ruined castle.

The elevation, climate and topography dictated that the most suitable plants would be succulents and cacti in order to withstand the dryness and the heat of the sun.

The space that has been created is a truly meditative and inspiring garden, sheltered by plant life and dotted with sculptures you can find solace, clinging to this rock-face with a backdrop that stretches from Italy to St Tropez. it is breathtaking and worth the climb.
Soaking up the sun, Cap d'Ail
All streets lead to the summit in Eze
Eze village
From afar
Aloe Vera, Cote d'Azur


Rue Obscure, Villefranche

Villefranhce-sur-Mer is one of the most popular towns on this part of the French Riviera. It has a long history both as a strategic port and as a beautiful destination that has, and continues to, attract the worlds wealthiest and illustrious visitors.

It is packed with historical buildings, churches, palaces and villas that span more than 400 years. There are many things and places to discover in Villefranche.

Rue Obscure is perhaps not the grandest, the most ancient or the most significant place in Villefranche but it does sum up the 'olde worlde' charm of this little town that is as unique and lasting as any on the Cote d'Azur.

A covered street, it was built as a means of protecting the soldiers that patrolled and protected this heavily fortified town that was often the subject of attack. Dated from the 14th century it is not completely intact but the section that remains is deeply atmospheric.

The dim cavernous light, even on the most brilliant day, can whisk you back through the ages, the dark, damp air smells of another life and you can imagine the grimy reality of life in Villefranche in the 1500's.
Welcoming Villefranche
Rue Obscure, Villefranche
Covered streets offer shade in Villefranche
Ancient streets in Villefranche

Renting holiday apartments and villas in the Corniches

The area collectively known as the Corniches has a variety of locations to offer holiday visitors. From luxurious beach side villas, to mountain top vacation apartments in picturesques villages, it is one of the most desirable locations on the French Riviera and attracts foreign visitors and residents alike.

To see what holiday apartments and vacation villa rentals are available for your holiday then please use the search facility below or click on 'Browse Rentals' in the main menu. Thank you for using Riviera rental Guide for your holiday rental.


Some top holiday rentals in The Corniches

République Square Old Town Apartment

French Riviera » ... » Villefranche-sur-Mer 73 sq.m. Apartment 0944
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$184.62
»Per person (x6):$30.77
Contemporary, City Centre
Nestled in a quiet, yet central pedestrian street in the Old Town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, this bright and spacious two-bedroom apartment is perfect for a group or family and is ideally located just steps from the beach, port, restaurants and boutiques.

Cap d'Ail Seafront Villa

French Riviera » The Corniches » Cap d'Ail 200 sq.m. Villa 0954
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$487.93
»Per person (x12):$40.66
Traditional, Waterfront
This is a stunning 1920's Italian-style villa with 6 bedrooms in Cap d'Ail, just outside Monaco. Situated on the seafront and just a short stroll from the beach, this villa also features a beautiful terrace and gardens that provide panoramic sea views.

Villefranche Marina

French Riviera » ... » Villefranche-sur-Mer 60 sq.m. Apartment 0946
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$177.20
»Per person (x4):$44.30
Sea View, Swimming Pool
A spectacular two-bedroom panoramic sea view apartment in a private residence featuring a lovely garden and swimming pool. Calm and surrounded by natural beauty while being located only a short walk from the beautiful old town, port, and beach.


Find your holiday rental in The Corniches


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