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Corniche Fleurie Sea View Apartment in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
A fantastic duplex apartment situated...
The Corniches
Nestled in a quiet, yet central...
Villefranche Panoramic Sea View Villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
Experience luxury on the French Riviera...
Cap d'Ail Seafront Villa in Cap d'Ail, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
This is a stunning 1920's Italian-style...
Villefranche Marina in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
A spectacular two-bedroom panoramic sea...
Sea View Apartment in Villefranche-sur-Mer in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches, French Riviera
The Corniches
A breathtaking view sea view, serene...
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Live Support

The Corniches

Why visit The Corniches

The Corniches is the name that is given to the area that extends between Nice and Monaco. It is at this junction that the Maritime Alps choose to sweep down to the edge of the Mediterranean sea which creates a dramatic and, at one time, practically impassable coastline.

The towns and villages that occupy this area share a commonality of topography but each is as individual and unique as the next. Divided by plunging ravines, jutting headlands, precipitous peaks and narrow bands of craggy coastline each village has been marked as much by nature of it's geography as it has by it's people and it's history.

Little space between land and sea, The Corniches

Shaping a town

For example Villefranche-sur-Mer with its sheltered and naturally deep waters of the Rade de Villefranche attracted much attention throughout the ages. To local tribes it provided calm waters and fishing opportunities by which to feed themselves with while to invading strangers it was a place of shelter and protection for their own invading fleets.

Imposing defense structures were built and, to this day, remain intact lending the town an antiquity and authenticity that is hard to replicate.

After the Crimean War the Baltic seas were declared a military free zone and the Russians formed an alliance with this tiny seaside town with the deep sheltered waters to house some of her many military vessels.

It didn't hurt that the area was so beautiful and the climate so agreeable and the first naval vessels to arrive also carried with them the Russian royal family so establishing the first links and influence with the Russian fraternity.

Villefranche Port

This in turn attracted other visiting dignitaries and you will find magnificent villas and properties in Villefranche that were once the residences of Kings, Queens, Princes and Lords and Ladies and are now the summer homes of celebrities and the world's rich and famous.

Likewise the seaside beauty of Beaulieu inspired a glut of Belle Epoch structures like ice cream castles frozen in the sand leaving a faded sense of elegant Victoriana. While Eze rises out of the towering rock face as defensible as ever and one can imagine boiling oil poured down from towering city walls into the faces of unfortunate marauders. Each town has its own unique ambiance.

Connecting the Corniches

In the late 1800's when travelling became an essential activity for the world's gentility this part of the French Riviera was still largely inaccessible. The high mountain passes made it simply an adventure too far for the majority of travellers although it's wild and natural beauty and breath taking vistas were already of some repute.

Improved methods of access were inevitable and necessary. The three Corniche roads were built, although not all at the same time. The Grande Corniche came first, especially as it followed the route of Via Augusta, an ancient roman road built during the 6th Century. It was built during Napolean's time and follows a route that soars high above the coast winding along the mountain tops and casting the most glorious eagle eye view over the Cote d'Azur.

On clear days you can see into Italy and as far as the Esterel mountains to the West behind St Tropez. The heights are dizzying but the views are worth it and this road is often the quietest during the summer months.
EzeLa Turbie
Cap d'AilVillefranche
The Moyenne Corniche came later, sometime in the 1920's and, as the name, suggests, it winds it's way along the middle line of the mountains. Also a scenic and pretty road it rises and falls with the swell of the hills and in places cuts through the steepest mountains in a series of impressive tunnels.

The Basse Corniche follows the sea front and is, naturally, the lowest of the three roads. It takes the longest to navigate as it follows the natural indent and curves of the coast, has the lovliest views for stopping at and, sadly, the heaviest traffic as it winds directly though some of the villages.

Renting holiday lettings in the Corniches

The area collectively known as the Corniches has in recent times become one of the most attractive and sought after luxury holiday destinations in all of France, perhaps the same as it ever has been. With the worlds rich and wealthy clamouring for the few and tightly packed grand villas clinging to mountains, looking for the best views, in the most beautiful villas surrounded by the wild and natural beauty of the Alps Maritime.

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Some top holiday rentals in The Corniches

Villa Soleil

French Riviera » ... » Villefranche-sur-Mer 125 sq.m. Villa 1053
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$298.26
»Per person (x6):$49.71
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
This 3-bedroom property is situated above the breathtaking bay of Villefranche and has amazing views of the sea, village and hillsides. There is a private terrace for alfresco dining and access to a shared pool with sea views.

Villa Citadelle Villefranche

French Riviera » ... » Villefranche-sur-Mer 200 sq.m. Villa 0922
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$401.85
»Per person (x8):$50.23
City Centre, Waterfront
This charming 4 bedroom house is the perfect home from home for your holiday in Villefranche-Sur-Mer. Ideally located with everything on your doorstep, 500m from the town beach, the old town port and all the romantic quayside restaurants.

Eze Panoramic Sea View Villa

French Riviera » ... » Eze-Bord de Mer 230 sq.m. Villa 1034
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$548.61
»Per person (x6):$91.44
Tranquil, Sea View
This beautiful villa is situated just minutes from Eze Beach. With stunning panoramic sea views, this villa has wonderful outside space with a beautiful private swimming pool and large terrace, all surrounded by colourful Mediterranean greenery.


Find your holiday rental in The Corniches


Immediate Area

» Villefranche-sur» St Jean Cap» Beaulieu sur Mer
» Eze Village» Eze-Bord de Mer» Cap d'Ail
» La Turbie 
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