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holiday rentals for the Cannes Film Festival 2014

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Splendid Suite Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 90 sq.m. Apartment 0520
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$45,102.44
»Per person (x4):$11,275.61
65m from event
Remarkable 1-bedroom apartment on the famous Croisette in Cannes, featuring elevated sea views, two balconies, and a prestigious location.

Palais Apartment Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 75 sq.m. Apartment 0292
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$25,087.07
»Per person (x6):$4,181.18
250m from event
Set on the luxurious 'Boulevard de la Croisette' and only a minute's walk from the celebrated Palais des Festivals, this fantastic two-bedroom apartment is the perfect location for a quiet Riviera holiday or attending one of Cannes' international events.

Rosemount Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » La Banane 20 sq.m. Apartment 0515
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$3,882.37
»Per person (x4):$970.59
290m from event
1-bedroom loft apartment located on the prestigious shopping strip, rue d’Antibes.

Fuchsia Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 30 sq.m. Apartment 0517
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$7,725.82
»Per person (x4):$1,931.46
315m from event
Attractive 1-bedroom apartment perfectly located in the centre of Cannes. Find everything on your doorstep, and still enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Jackson Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » La Banane 65 sq.m. Apartment 0427
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$8,300.43
»Per person (x4):$2,075.11
370m from event
Beautiful and modern 2-bedroom apartment with a balcony, just off rue d’Antibes in the heart of Cannes.

Oriental Apartment on La Croisette

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 75 sq.m. Apartment 0785
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$31,995.45
»Per person (x5):$6,399.09
380m from event
Bright and spacious 2-bedroom apartment in a fantastic location overlooking the Croisette in Cannes. Fully air-conditioned apartment with a petite balcony overlooking the Croisette. WiFi is also included.

Cannes 1-Bed City Centre Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes 42 sq.m. Apartment 0809
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$5,856.99
»Per person (x4):$1,464.25
410m from event
A bright one-bedroom apartment for up to four guests in the centre of Cannes. A large terrace, contemporary décor, Internet, parking and only 10 minutes from the Palais and just moments from the beaches, this property is perfect for business or pleasure.

Luxury Downtown Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » La Banane 125 sq.m. Apartment 0643
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$16,135.42
»Per person (x8):$2,016.93
420m from event
A newly constructed, three bedroom apartment in Cannes just 3 minutes from the Palais des Festivals. Situated on Rue d'Antibes, arguably the best shopping street on the Cote d'Azur and just a moments stroll to La Croisette.

Vautrin Balcony Studio

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 34 sq.m. Apartment 0403
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$3,851.91
»Per person (x2):$1,925.96
445m from event
Situated within metres of the famous Croisette strip and the beaches of Cannes is this spacious first floor studio apartment, it has a lovely sunny balcony that's perfect for enjoying those long warm Riviera evenings. The apartment is perfect for 2.

Central Cannes 6-Bed Luxury Villa

French Riviera » Cannes » Californie 450 sq.m. Villa 1288
»Holiday rental villa
»Total Price:$26,618.89
»Per person (x12):$2,218.24
540m from event
This magnificent 6-bed villa in the heart of Cannes sleeps 12 guests and boasts stunning features such as a private pool and a Jacuzzi bath. Its chic mix of classical opulence and modern comfort is a perfect setting to indulge in stylish Riviera living.

Zeta Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 65 sq.m. Apartment 0578
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$11,650.22
»Per person (x4):$2,912.56
560m from event
Contemporary and stylish 2-bedroom apartment perfectly located in the heart of Cannes, and within minutes of the beach.

Cannes Luxury Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Californie 200 sq.m. Apartment 0301
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$781.92
»Per person (x6):$130.32
640m from event
Luxurious city centre period apartment residence in Cannes within walking distance of the Croisette and Cannes designer shopping area. Three bedrooms, manicured gardens and peaceful location, this is a prestige rental.

3 Bed Festival Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 130 sq.m. Apartment 1295
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$29,191.72
»Per person (x6):$4,865.29
740m from event
Large, three bedroom apartment, ideally located 100 meters from the Palais des Festivals. This spacious, newly renovated apartment is literally minutes from the Palais and the beach. This is the best location possible for the Cannes Film Festival.

Isabelle Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes » Californie 35 sq.m. Apartment 0444
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$85.50
»Per person (x4):$21.38
790m from event
This is a lovely, modern studio with lots of charm in the prestigious area of Montfleuri. The apartment is located in a very nice suburban area, it's surrounded by the villas of the rich and famous. It's a super rental, it's inexpensive but excellent.

Villa Chic Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 200 sq.m. Villa 0717
»Holiday rental villa
»Total Price:$40,406.62
»Per person (x8):$5,050.83
790m from event
Stunning property in Cannes on the Riviera. South-facing bathing terraces and pool are situated amidst exotic garden plants. A modern style kitchen and open-plan living area with grand piano and large TV feature. Fully air-conditioned plus WiFi internet.

Ivory Studio Apartment

French Riviera » Cannes 30 sq.m. Apartment 0463
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$4,169.26
»Per person (x2):$2,084.63
910m from event
Modern studio apartment in the centre of Cannes boasting a wonderful, large terrace with garden views.

Port Canto Penthouse Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 150 sq.m. Villa 0777
»Holiday rental villa
»Total Price:$20,120.85
»Per person (x6):$3,353.48
965m from event
Stunning 3-bedroom apartment overlooking Port Canto in Cannes Croisette. Superb design allows for freedom of movement through the apartment while maximising on the sea views. Other features include Internet access, air-conditioning and a lift.

Regale Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes 130 sq.m. Apartment 0442
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$14,685.49
»Per person (x6):$2,447.58
Traditional, 5 Star Luxury
Magnificently restored, luxury apartment in Cannes, offering both elegance and comfort. This 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom residence is truly superior accommodation in the heart of the city.

Hestia Apartment Cannes

French Riviera » Cannes » Cannes Croisette 35 sq.m. Apartment 0488
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$3,635.55
»Per person (x4):$908.89
City Centre
Delightful 1-bedroom apartment located at Cannes’ beautiful Palm Beach peninsula and features a little balcony for breakfast in the sunshine.

Mezzanine Studio Borniol

French Riviera » Cannes 25 sq.m. Apartment 0534
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$5,892.25
»Per person (x2):$2,946.13
Modern & stylish studio apartment with chic, black and white interiors, situated in Cannes city centre. Featuring a roomy mezzanine level, satellite television and unlimited Wifi access.

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