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St Tropez - St Tropez is all about the beach but the town has great history and there are so many places and things to see and explore. It's a great shopping town too, with lots of unique little boutique shops selling everything from top designers

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Gîte du Côté Sud

French Riviera » ... » La Garde Freinet 85 sq.m. House 0383
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$181.09
»Per person (x4):$45.27
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
An elegant Provençal gîte surrounded by the verdant hills of peaceful Les Mayons. This property sleeps up to 4 guests, is beautifully furnished, has a large feature fireplace, a pool and a stunning garden terrace draped with lavender.

Gîte de la Bergerie

French Riviera » ... » La Garde Freinet 85 sq.m. House 0381
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$158.66
»Per person (x4):$39.67
Superb value house
Rated 8/10 by customers
“The gite is not a luxury place but nicely set up. The owner is helpful and the cats are very friendly - bring some Whiskas when you go.” - saarenmaa
A newly renovated, traditional Provençal gîte in Les Mayons. Ideal for a nature-loving family of four, this cozy gîte featues a swimming pool with poolside terrace, fireplace, indoor climbing plants and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Le Petit Gîte

French Riviera » ... » La Garde Freinet 65 sq.m. House 0382
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$88.14
»Per person (x4):$22.04
Swimming Pool, Tranquil
A 2 bedroom gîte in the heart of the Provençal countryside. This unique property sleeps up to 4 guests, has a pool, beautiful garden terrace, parking and is just 30 minutes away from the beaches and glamour of St Tropez.

Le Grand Gîte

French Riviera » ... » La Garde Freinet 85 sq.m. House 1212
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$112.18
»Per person (x4):$28.05
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
A nature lover's paradise, this comfortable property sleeps 4 and has its own outdoor dining and seating area and also benefits from a swimming pool, laundry facilities and private parking, shared with the 3 neighbouring cottages.

Villa St Tropez Beach

French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle 520 sq.m. Villa 0119
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,945.56
»Per person (x14):$138.97
Sea View, Swimming Pool
This villa is a beautiful 5 bedroom 5 bathroom villa in St Tropez. Just a few minutes from the town of St Tropez and the village of Ramatuelle, this is the perfect vacation villa rental for the beaches of St. Tropez.

Jasmine Villa Ramatuelle, St Tropez

French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle 95 sq.m. Villa 0876
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$457.88
»Per person (x4):$114.47
City Centre, Swimming Pool
This beautifully presented villa with private pool is in the hilltop village of Ramatuelle. Just minutes from the sandy beaches of St Tropez while enjoying the lush woods and vineyards surrounding you this holiday rental offers you so much.

Villa Bardot

French Riviera » St Tropez 250 sq.m. Villa 0634
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,500.03
»Per person (x10):$150.00
City Centre, Swimming Pool
Attractive villa with views of St Tropez’s iconic church tower, featuring a heated pool, very large garden, 5-bedrooms, and all just 5-minutes walk from the heart of the old town.

Port Grimaud Villa

French Riviera » St Tropez » Port Grimaud 50 sq.m. Villa 1135
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$801.30
»Per person (x6):$133.55
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
This stunning Provencal villa is located near the beautiful village of Port Grimaud, known as the 'Venice of Provence', and features a large swimming pool, summer kitchen, spacious terraces, lush gardens, and cosy, rustic interiors with modern amenities.

Family Villa Pampelonne

French Riviera » St Tropez » Pampelonne 400 sq.m. Villa 0635
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$1,300.51
»Per person (x12):$108.38
Swimming Pool, Sea View
Family Villa Pampelonne is an elegant property set amongst expansive manicured gardens, offering luxurious accommodation with sea views, a swimming pool, and gazebo.

Port Grimaud St Tropez haven

French Riviera » St Tropez » Port Grimaud 80 sq.m. House 0143
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$208.34
»Per person (x5):$41.67
Superb value house
Specials Available
Immaculate 2 bedroomed property with its own mooring situated in a private cul-de sac in Port Grimaud. Use this great value house and mooring for making superfast trips into St Tropez port without all the traffic.

Apartment St Tropez Port

French Riviera » St Tropez 30 sq.m. Apartment 0895
»Holiday rental apartment
»Price per night:$160.26
»Per person (x3):$53.42
Celebrity Choice
St Tropez Centre
This is a romantic 1 bedroom apartment perfectly situated overlooking the port of St Tropez. The location and stunning views make this the perfect rental for up to 3 people. It's a pretty, bijou apartment that's just in the most fantastic location.

Villa Ramatuelle

French Riviera » St Tropez » Ramatuelle 95 sq.m. Villa 0881
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$320.52
»Per person (x4):$80.13
Tranquil, Swimming Pool
This 2 bedroom villa in the picture postcard town of Ramatuelle is the ideal retreat for your holiday. Surrounded by vineyards and woods you will feel in the heart of French countryside but still be close to the famous St Tropez beaches.

St Tropez Luxury Waterfront

French Riviera » St Tropez 380 sq.m. Villa 0856
»Holiday rental villa
»Price per night:$2,747.32
»Per person (x12):$228.94
Villa with swimming pool
Sea view
Superb original French home on the waterfront only moments from St. Tropez town centre. It's a 6 bedroom home that sleeps 12 with a pool and direct access to the sea. The villa is a short walk from the nearest sandy beach and 10 mins from Pampelonne.

Oleander House St Tropez

French Riviera » St Tropez 80 sq.m. House 0867
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$457.88
»Per person (x6):$76.31
Tranquil, Traditional
This 3 bedroom house is situated in the tranquil heart of the St Tropez peninsula yet is only 3km from the thriving famous town. It has over 1500 sqm of beautiful tree lined gardens, a private pool, private parking and the use of tennis courts.

Saint Tropez Maison de Ville

French Riviera » St Tropez 100 sq.m. House 0858
»Holiday rental house
»Price per night:$412.09
»Per person (x6):$68.68
Tranquil, City Centre
A wonderful sweet 2 bed townhouse in the centre of St Tropez that sleeps 6. If you are looking for the ultimate convenient location for your summer under the St Tropez sunshine without a car, this is it.

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