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Monaco Grand Prix moves in 2010
Friday, 6th November 2009
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There are 62 holiday rentals available for Monaco Grand Prix 2014. The following are a selection of the properties available between 21st May 2014 - 28th May 2014.
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Beausoleil, Monaco
Monaco vista 2 bed in Beausoleil, Monaco
2-bed apartment
Sleeps 6 guests
Beausoleil, Monaco
Royale Apartment in Beausoleil, Monaco
1-bed apartment
Sleeps 4 guests
Beausoleil, Monaco
Monaco Harbour View in Beausoleil, Monaco
1-bed apartment
Sleeps 4 guests
Beausoleil, Monaco
Port Palace View  in Beausoleil, Monaco
2-bed apartment
Sleeps 6 guests
Monaco Grand Prix apartment in Monaco
1-bed apartment
Sleeps 4 guests
Beausoleil, Monaco
Monachetto Pool apartment in Beausoleil, Monaco
2-bed apartment
Sleeps 6 guests
Beausoleil, Monaco
Apartment Villa Medicis  in Beausoleil, Monaco
1-bed apartment
Sleeps 4 guests
Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches
Eze Seaview Apartment  in Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches
1-bed apartment
Sleeps 2 guests
Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches
Villa Riviera Eze sur Mer in Eze-Bord de Mer, The Corniches
5-bed villa
Sleeps 10 guests
Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches
Villefranche Beach in Villefranche-sur-Mer, The Corniches
3-bed apartment
Sleeps 6 guests

Monaco Grand Prix 2014

Monte Carlo, late May

» Monaco Grand Prix 2014 Holiday Rentals (62 holiday rentals)
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» All holiday rental properties in Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix, an introduction

Formula One PeopleBeautiful backdrops
Formula One takes to the streets in MonacoPrettiest track on the F1 circuit, Monaco
The Monaco Formula One Grand Prix is a world famous event that takes place in the tiny principality once a year. Even if you are not a motor racing enthusiast it is still 'the event' to go to in Monaco, attracting Hollywood stars and famous celebrities from all walks of Life.

It is also the favourite event of Monaco's Royal family with his serene highness Prince Albert and the entire royal family presiding over the week long social and sporting events.

It is the most unique race in the Formula One calendar with the tight twisty streets providing a sound and visual spectacular like no other. The beautiful back drop, the glamourous crowd and the audible shock of these cars make this event a once in a lifetime experience.

Pack your ear plugs, your best camera and your poshest clothes and dive straight in to the thick of this billionaire's playground, a social and sporting extravaganza.

The line up for the Monaco Grand Prix

The Principality of MonacoF1 car at Monaco
Italian engineeringCars and stars
The Monaco Grand Prix coincides with the end of the Cannes film festival, ensuring the highest Hollywood head count on the circuit and a calendar that is as packed with social events as it is with sporting events.

The line up for the sporting weekend includes the Porsche Supercup Challenge, Formula Renault 3.5 and the GP2 championship which harbours many Formula One wannabes and future F1 stars.

Programme, Monaco GP

The racing programme starts on Thursday morning at 8.30am with the first of the practise sessions. Formula Renaults take to the track first and the first Formula One session begins at 10.00am. The second F1 session is after lunch at 14.00 and all the sessions are over at 18.30pm when the track is reopened.

Friday is traditionally an off day for the Formula One teams but there are some GP2 practise sessions in the morning from 9.00am until lunchtime. Saturday sees a full programme with a Formula One practise session, Formula One qualifying session and the GP2 race.

On Sunday morning the Porsche Supercup and Renaults complete their races and the Formula One drivers parade begins at 12.30. The Formula One race begins at 14.00 on the button and will run over 78 laps. The track is expected to be reopened to the public by 19.00.

Where to sit for the Monaco Grand Prix

In recent years the Monaco F1 track has been extended remodelled and space made for extra grandstands and better viewing facilities. The largest area of grandstand seating is throughout the Swimming Pool Complex and through into Rascasse where there are also large screens set up so you can see the entire track.

There are some standing only areas which are very cheap tickets but there is a reason for that. Views are limited and you will find yourself clinging to a hillside with a finer view of the mountains than of the cars.

They are still great tickets if you are more into the atmosphere and the fun of the event that a real car aficionado and for many people they are they best chance of getting to see the Monaco F1 grand Prix at all.

For the full glamour experience and a beautiful backdrop then try to get tickets for the grandstands in Casino Square but if you want to get as close to the cars as possible then elect for the swimming pool complex where, from the front seats, you can practically see the whites of the Formula One drivers eyes.

Price guides for the Monaco Grand Prix

Prices are somewhat eye watering ranging from €260 to €450 for race day grandstand seats alone but it is the experience of a lifetime and something you will remember forever if you are a Formula One race fan.

The best value for money, if your interest is solely in the cars is to buy grandstand seats for Thursdays F1 practise sessions and watch the race on television nearby. You will see three hours of F1 cars for much less money and still be able to soak up the atmosphere. Or, you could try this little known tip for even cheaper tickets.

Tickets are available to book directly though the Automobile Club de Monaco so you don't have to book an expensive all inclusive package. Stay in an apartment or villa in a neighbouring town to avoid high hotel prices and buy your tickets directly from the ACM.

Find contact details for the Monaco Grand Prix in our directory under Monaco-Attraction-Events.

Monaco Grand Prix


Race date: 25 May 2008
Number of laps: 78
Race distance: 260.52
Circuit length: 3.4km
Lap record: 1:14:439 M.Schumacher 2004
Number of corners: 19
Top Speed: 289kmh
Slowest speed: 47kmh
Most wins: Ayrton Senna, 6 wins, 5 consecutively
Year of first Grand Prix: 1929
Number of gear changes: 54 per lap
Seconds spent in top gear: 8 sec, flat out in top gear

Driver's talk, Monaco Grand Prix 2008

Fernando Alonso - Renault, on the Monaco Grand Prix.
2007 results - (Q)1st, (R)1st.

"Monaco is another of those races that, at the start of the year, you mark as one that you really want to win.

At Monaco you have to really keep your concentration at all times and push to the limit. It is very easy for things to go wrong at this track because it is very narrow and the barriers are very close, and this is why you have to stay focused."

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren, on the Monaco Grand Prix.
2007 results - (Q)2nd, (R)2nd.

"I am really looking forward to Monaco. It is one of the tracks I have always dreamed of racing at in Formula One. For me it is the best circuit of the year, there is nowhere like it for getting the adrenaline going, because the track is so tight and there are no run-off areas, you have to be incredibly precise, there is no room for error and, as a driver, that makes it all the more exciting."

Jenson Button - Honda, on the Monaco Grand Prix
2007 results - (Q)10th, (R)11th.

"Monaco is a truly special race weekend. It's completely different from any other venue on the calendar.

The whole lap at Monaco is just a non-stop challenge and you have to maintain absolute focus and concentration over every single one of the 78 laps of the race. The absolute key to a really quick lap is to not let the barriers intimidate you as this is a circuit that rewards precision."

Nick Heidfeld - BMW Sauber, on the Monaco Grand Prix
2007 results - (Q)7th, (R)6th.

"I'm a real fan of narrow street circuits like this. Lots of people have tried to describe what it's like driving through these streets that are like canyons in a Formula One car. I've never been able to think of a comparison that really does it justice, so I won't even try. This is a circuit that's totally unforgiving of even the smallest driving error. If you run out of road, there's nowhere to go except into a crash barrier.

Monaco goes quite crazy during Grand Prix weekend. The town and the harbour are all packed to bursting point. Of all the GP races, this is definitely the one that has the most to offer spectators. For one thing, there's nowhere else you can get so close to the action. The engine noise is stupendous and the razzmatazz is simply unique. I always enjoy coming to Monaco."

Monaco Grand Prix moves in 2010
Posted on Friday, 6 November 2009
Monaco Grand Prix moves in 2010The Monaco Grand Prix has traditionally been held to coincide with the Cannes Film Festival. Originally it was perhaps more by coincidence than design but once the value of Hollywood star power was deduced then it was a natural step to tie these two massive events together with often quite dramatic results. Anyone recall the diamond studded nose of the Jaguars that crashed out or the gleam off the Ocean's Eleven team as they strolled through he paddock?

There are some things however that can not be argued with and the 2010 Monaco Formula One race conflicts with the national holiday of Ascension. Traditionally Ascension is celebrated on the 40th day of Easter, when Christ is said to have risen again, which means it falls on 21st May 2010. A Thursday, which is typically Thursday practise for the Monaco Grand Prix.

So, while the 2010 Formula One Calendar is as yet unconfirmed, the 68th Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco looks likely to be held on 13th to 16th of May in order to accommodate this national holiday.

Recommended Holiday Rentals

For the Monaco Grand Prix 2014 (21st May 2014 - 28th May 2014)

Monaco vista 2 bed

French Riviera » Monaco » Beausoleil 55 sq.m. Apartment 0391
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$6,485.90
»Per person (x6):$1,080.98
Contemporary, Sea View
“Beausoleil is a lovely French resort very close to Monaco. It is a typical French town with many lovely local shops and friendly residents.” - janicecameron
A fresh, spacious 2 bedroom apartment with balconies offers wonderful sea views over Monaco and the deep blue Mediterranean sea. Close to shops, markets and Monaco beach and within easy walking distance of all of Monaco.

Royale Apartment

French Riviera » Monaco » Beausoleil 39 sq.m. Apartment 0359
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$2,643.84
»Per person (x4):$660.96
City Centre, Contemporary
Large, modern studio apartment with beautiful sea views in the residential area of Beausoleil overlooking Monte Carlo. This apartment sleeps up to 4 people.

Monaco Harbour View

French Riviera » Monaco » Beausoleil 50 sq.m. Apartment 0763
»Holiday rental apartment
»Total Price:$3,610.71
»Per person (x4):$902.68
City Centre, Contemporary
“Good service provided by Riviera Rental Guide and we will be booking through them in future.” - pjtrundle
A clean, modern, brand new apartment in Beausoleil with stunning sea views over Monaco Port, the Prince's Palace and the Mediterranean. One bedroom, this apartment sleeps four people comfortably and has a large, bright, open plan living and dining area.

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