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Live Support

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Posted on Thursday, 16 May 2013
Start me upThe Monaco Grand Prix is the race that all the drivers want to win. It may not be the highest speed circuit but it requires, precision, daring and skill like no other place on the Grand Prix calendar. It also helps that it is a 'home race for most of the drivers and it is an event attended by celebrities, stars and sports fans alike.

There is always an exciting buzz surrounding the Principality. The drivers are closer to the public than in any other location, the skies buzz with helicopters dropping off the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt and everyone has to jostle for space in the close confines of Monte Carlo.

This year the tension is already building after a tyre troubles at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Official tyre provider, Pirelli, have admitted that they are under pressure to make some serious modifications after tyres shredded, over heated and sent rubber flying around the track instead of the cars. There were more pit stops than in a Saturday supermarket car park and the drivers were less than impressed.

The anticipation just adds to the excitement for those lucky enough to be at the race and, as usual, predicting who will walk away victorious is any ones guess. Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel? All have won here in the past and all of them will be pushing as hard as they can to steal the glory of victory at the Monaco Grand Prix
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